Thursday, 11 April 2013

My Garmin 62s -- I want to chuck it

Bought my Garmin 62s in July of 2011 [blog post].

1 year and 9 months later and I'm really frustrated with it. I think I bought a lemon. Almost everytime I'm out on a geocaching excursion I want to chuck it into the nearest trash can and be done with it. I'd buy something else but it's too expensive (I spent about $500 on it) and I'm afraid I'll purchase another lemon of a Garmin.

I loved everyone of my other Garmins: little yellow eTrex, Garmin GPS V, 60Cx. The 60Cx was reliable, durable and accurate. I was hoping the 62s was going to be a paperless version of the 60Cx, but it isn't. 

Scrambled Screen
The dashboard of the screen sometimes gets scrambled when I choose the Reposition Here option.  I was told by a fellow member that my coordinates were consistently off. This really concerned me because we have a reputation for providing accurate coordinates (often (pre-62s) people leave logs commenting on how the coords were spot on). I told him I was using the averaging feature on my 62s. He said that the 62s doesn't always do a great job at averaging coordinates. He suggested using the "reposition here" feature instead. Since using it, I have had fewer coordinate issues (but not getting comments about how spot-on the coordinates are).

Worn Keypad
My keypad is wearing out. 2 years of average use (I use it probably every couple of weeks for a few hours) and it looks like this:
Worn keypad

This forum GC topic explains that it's a manufacturer's default "..the 62s buttons are made from a very fragile rubber with an extremely thin protective layer on soon as this is slightly scratched, the underlying layers rub away rapidly". Apparently some 62s have this problem and some don't.

Compass Calibration
I can't use the compass because it won't calibrate. Fails every time on the third step, where I need to rotate the GPS from front to back. It use to work after several attempts but now, after updating the firmware it will not calibrate. 

When moving towards a cache, the map sometimes shows me moving away from the cache.  So I end up following the numbers instead. If the number of meters are decreasing then I know I'm moving in the correct direction. 

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  1. That's really bad. I've been thinking about buying a 62, because I like the paperless function. I have a 60CsX which works fine after 5 years. Only the 4 way navigate button has its own mind sometimes.

    If this happens to all of the new Gamins, I'd rather stick to my 60.