Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A munzee review blog article

Munzee – A scavenger hunt for your smartphone

August 8, 2012 By


It seems every time you look there’s a new geolocation game on the market. Some of these are little more than thinly veiled behaviour tracking vehicles fighting for a place in an already crowded segment of the app market, but some of them are genuinely fun games offering something a little different. Munzee is one of the fun ones, sitting somewhere between traditional geocaching and smartphone based location-based games such as Foursquare....

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  1. Hi,
    Since you have interest in Geocaching and Munzee, maybe you also like to try Quest'n Go.

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  2. Just had a very quick look (5 seconds) and my initial reaction is this looks like a game I could enjoy -- akin to original virtuals circa 2002. Thanks for letting me know about Quest'n Go