Monday, 25 August 2014

Cemetery caches - recommendations

If you like cemetery caches, I would like to recommend 2 cemetery cache hiders. I have found hundreds in Ontario mostly from Toronto to Windsor. The 2 hiders I admire most are Dundeejim (Bone-Yard Series) in the Kitchener-Waterloo area and BC & MsKitty (SQ - Spirit Quest and CCF series) in the Chatham area. These cache owners provide the best full geocaching experience. They don't just take you to a cemetery, they provide the largest cache that will fit, good solid water resistant containers, AND they maintain their caches and their listings.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Monday, 7 July 2014

How geocaching has changed...analogy by 4wheelin_fool

How geocaching has analogy by  4wheelin_fool:

After not golfing for 10 years, Jack decided to get back into the game. He heads to his old golf club and sees that the parking lot is PACKED. Wow! This place is really hopping now! Excitedly he heads in and signs right back up without really checking anything out. Then he notices something. The golf carts look a little different. Some have fancy chrome wheels. He goes out on the course and sees that the grass is unkempt and uneven. There are brown patches everywhere. And nobody seems to be playing any golf. There is a steady line of carts racing through the course, stopping for a instant at each hole, and then peeling out to the next one. Several people point and giggle at his golf cart. Then there are the ramps. A few go airborne for several inches and return to earth. What the...As he tees off, several go by loudly. It appears that they have also modified their drivetrains with gasoline engines. A big LED screen gives each player's lap score.
He goes back in to complain. "How do you expect me to play golf with this circus going on?" The manager tells him he can still certainly play, and gives him a set of earplugs. He tries again, but someone rips through the green. He goes back in. The manager sits, smirking at his complaints. Yes, they are not supposed to drive on the green, and he has the right to remove their lap time, but why worry so much about it and ruin their day? You know, you only need to carry one club with you he says, but we never check. Just have fun. Where's the owner? he growls. The owner comes out and explains that this activity has become popular in the last ten years. Yes, the majority of new people that come here drop out quickly, but there are plenty of others that like it. It was going on when you were here 10 years ago. Jack thinks back and recalls a few teens that worked here, that used to race through the parking lot. "This is bullhonkery!" he exclaims. "I've raced dune buggys, drag raced cars, and also ran on the circle gravel tracks. Took my ATV for hundreds of miles in the woods, and raced go carts on the boardwalk. But this is stupid!" He storms out.
"What's with him?" Says the manager. "Elitism", is the owners reply. "Or maybe his low score makes him feel inferior. Or perhaps he just jealous of the other's fast carts. Its not for everyone." 

Monday, 30 June 2014

Staycation Geocaching - Mennonite Country in Ontario

                                                                           credit: northern nomad
Geocaching is a great way to enjoy a local road trip staycation. I recommend cemetery caching in Mennonite country, Waterloo, Perth, Oxford and Middlesex counties to guide you along a relaxing tour of agricultural vistas. You will experience picture-postcard quaint farms that harken back to an earlier era, with quiet historic pioneer cemeteries dotting the rural landscape.

Dundeejim Bone Yard Series caches are highly recommended as they are the best maintained cemetery caches out there. Jim hides a variety of cache sizes depending on what the cemetery will support.

Here are 2 of my cemetery bookmark lists to help plan your staycation road trip journey:

Cemeteries (120 currently on the list)
Ontario cemetery caches that I've found

Cemeteries I haven't found (495 currently on the list)
Ontario caches I hope to find someday

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Looking for coffee while you're out geocaching?

When I'm visiting new locations I like to combine geocaching with visiting coffee shops. I'm always looking for a comfortable place to spend 20 minutes to enjoy a latte and catch up on some email, or check the geocaching website.

I found a new app that does a nice job of pinpointing cafes and coffee shops, wherever I am.

Find Me Coffee.

Find Me Coffee app poster

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Articles that address public/private uncultivated/undeveloped land and the "Right to Roam" issue in Canada:

Why we should have the right to explore private land (Explore Magazine, 2012)

Canada needs to break trail for public footpaths (The Low Down, 2011)

Monday, 2 June 2014

Geo-Cashing (not geocaching) in Toronto - find hidden money

A new kind of treasure hunt has popped up in Toronto and Vancouver (originally started in San Francisco). 

Anonymous Twitter user @HiddenCashYVR started tweeting clues to the locations of money drops across Vancouver on Wednesday.

Another Twitter account, @hiddencashTO, has started stashing money around Toronto.

Jewellery buyer Russell Oliver, the ‘Cash Man’ at Oliver Jewellery, @hiddencashOJ, has hidden cash as a marketing tool.

Read more:

Refurb - 2 months later

My refurbished Garmin 62s has been working a lot better then my old Garmin 62s. I'm especially pleased with the keys - they don't show any wear and tear. After fixing the corrupt file problem I haven't had another scrambled screen problem and the compass has been quite accurate, always pointing in the correct direction.

But, last week there were a couple of occasions where the device powered down while plugged in the car and on. Turning the unit back on fixed the problem. I can't remember exactly when it happens but I think it was when doing a search.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Garmin 62s refurb - reposition feature scrambles the data fields section of the screen

April 6 2014. 
Planted a cache and used the reposition function to get more accurate coordinates. The data field section of the screen scrambled. 3rd photo shows the scrambled data field after a tried the reposition feature a 2nd time. That time it split into 2 scrambled boxes. The same problem happened with my previous 62s. Is this normal? Or is it a sign of trouble? 


These are the instructions from Garmin that fixed the problem with the scrambled screen:

I would like to perform a software update, master reset and also remove any possibly corrupted files.
  • Remove any microSD cards stored in device. Corrupt data or incompatible mapping on cards may prevent proper boot up by device.
  • If using mass storage device, delete GPX files from device. For assistance deleting these files, see the FAQ  "How do I delete GPX files from my mass storage device?
Garmin often releases updates for devices to improve performance, correct bugs or add new features. This update will only update the internal operating system software and not mapping detail preloaded to the device.
The software update may erase user data that has been saved to the device. Before performing the software update, back up all userdata (waypoints, routes, and tracks). For instruction on backing up userdata from the device, please refer to the FAQ titled "How do I backup userdata (waypoints, routes, and tracks) from my Outdoor USB Device handheld?".

To update your device's software a program called WebUpdater will need to be downloaded and installed. There are instructions at the bottom of the download page that will help with the installation of the program. Once the program has been installed, please follow the on screen prompts to complete the update process.
Referenced Link(s):
Userdata Backup FAQ:{7fdc4230-f13b-11df-ea12-000000000000}

There are a few instances in which you may want to perform a master reset on your GPSMAP 62 or 64 series device, including the following:
  • not receiving a satellite signal
  • restoring the factory default settings
  • not functioning properly
Performing a master reset can cause data loss. To back up user data* utilize the FAQ “How do I back up user data from my outdoor GPS with a USB interface?". If removing user data is desired to eliminate corrupt data or free up additional space, reference the FAQ “Why does my Garmin outdoor or fitness GPS still show my GPS data after a master reset?”.
To perform a master reset:
  1. Ensure the device is powered off
  2. Press and hold Page and Enter simultaneously
  3. Power on the GPS while continuing to press both buttons
    • NOTE: Immediately release the power button once the GPS powers on
  4. Release on the buttons once the Do you really want to erase all user data? message appears
  5. Select Yes
The device is now reset. You will want to leave the device outside with a clear view of the sky for a minimum of 20 minutes to acquire satellite data.
*User data consists of waypoints, routes, tracks and geocaches

Referenced Link(s):
How do I backup user data from my outdoor GPS  with a USB  interface?:{7fdc4230-f13b-11df-ea12-000000000000}
Why does my Garmin outdoor or fitness GPS still show my GPS data after a master reset?:{60eb9630-b51f-11df-55a0-000000000000}


The toughest part was getting Webupdater to download. Took several tries.